Higher Maths – The Straight Line : WHOLE UNIT!

This video teaches you everything in the higher maths straight line unit. It covers:

0:00 – The Distance Formula
07:35 – The Midpoint Formula
12:31 – How To Show Points Are Collinear
17:24 – How To Calculate The Gradient From An Angle
25:46 – How To Calculate The Gradient Of Perpendicular Lines
32:20 – How To Calculate The Equation Of A Perpendicular Bisector
39:26 – How To Find The Equation Of An Altitude Of A Triangle
49:09 – How To Find The Equation Of A Median Of A Triangle
55:39 – How To Calculate The Point Of Intersection Of 2 Lines

This is suitable for pupils studying SQA Higher Maths from 2022 onwards. It is also suitable for pupils in England studying A Level Maths or GCSE Maths. Have a look at the playlist, everything is also divided into chapters!

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