Category: Broad General Education

S3 – Linear Scale Factor

S3 – Area Scale Factor

S3: Similiar Triangles

S2 – Introduction to ratios

Ratios are used to compare different quantities. In this introduction to ratios we will look at what ratios are, how we deal with ratios of different measurement units and that ratios can be simplified.

S2 – Dividing amounts into a ratio

Dividing amounts into a ratio is not only easy, it can be done quickly with only a few steps. You will be a master at this in only a few minutes through learning on the tecmath math channel!  

S1 – Rounding Numbers

How to Round Numbers

Math Antics – Factoring

S1 : Decimal Arithmetic

S2 – Stem and Leaf Diagram

S1 : Tolerance

S1 : Perimeter of compound shapes

S1 : Perimeter

S2 – Writing a formula from a sequence

S2 – Mean, Median and Mode

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